Jennifer Eubank | Fight Into Fitness
Jennifer Eubank

Jennifer is a 200-hour E-CYT Yoga teacher from Arlington, Virginia. She teaches yoga to all ages throughout the Metropolitan DC area, and having been heavily steeped in the fine arts world for decades, Jennifer takes her artist’s eye and creative temperament into the yoga classroom in yoga studios, schools, gyms, community centers, private homes, and retirement homes. She follows an overall Hatha Yoga approach that combines breathing, poses, flow sequences, mindfulness and meditation to her classes. She focuses on proper technique, paying careful attention to anatomy and alignment, and infuses these ideas with ancient yogic spiritual and philosophical traditions. She believes that yoga goes far beyond the mat, the floor, the chair, and the classroom. Yoga IS life! Jennifer recently completed special training for clients who have suffered traumatic brain injury as well as a special training for teaching yoga to kids of all ages, including those with development conditions, and she is about to wrap up her 500-hour training. Yoga is Jennifer’s life!

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